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What is Anti Aging Medicine?

Anti-aging medicine is an evolving branch of medical sciences. It employs the latest scientific research and uses a functional approach to cure the underlying causes of aging instead of masking the root disease with medication. It treats and prevents underlying health-related conditions at the molecular and cellular levels.

Anti-aging medicines help one feel younger, more energized and ensure that the body begins to behave younger and look more youthful. And by objective laboratory measures truly becomes younger- this is the primary goal of anti-aging medicine.

The anti-aging treatment uses functional medicines to treat the underlying disease at its very root. It helps restore your gut health, regulate hormone, vitamin, and mineral levels, remove toxins and fat, reduce body fat, and increase lean body tissues; this helps the body feel more energetic and young. Anti-aging functional medicine supports the body in returning to and maintaining a youthful state of health. It helps you feel young and full of energy.

As aging makes one more susceptible to health challenges, not only does the body become weaker, but the risk of developing severe health problems like heart diseases, Arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, Pneumonia, Diabetes, etc., also increases. Anti-aging medicine doctors treat the underlying conditions that cause these health challenges. With the use of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, they ensure that these diseases are prevented in the future. Anti-aging medicine employs an integrative and holistic approach to healing the body and the mind.

What causes aging?

Aging is the progressive loss of tissue and organ function over time. The most common causes of aging include photoaging, stress, DNA damage, nutrient deficiencies, genetic and environmental factors. UV radiation and lack of hydration are two other reasons people age faster. Apart from these, the following theories could also potentially be the reasons for aging.


The oxidation theory is based on the structural damage-based hypothesis that age-associated functional losses are due to the accumulation of oxidative damage to macromolecules (lipids, DNA, and proteins) by RONS. Oxidation is the process of oxygen particles coming in contact with a substance to change its chemical proposition. Oxidative stress theory postulates that aging is caused by a similar process- a slow and steady accumulation of oxidative damage to macromolecules. The oxidative damage increases with age as when the skin comes into contact with oxygen, it leads to oxidation, making the skin more wiggly and wrinkled with exposure. This accumulated oxidative stress leads to many diseases like diabetes, cancer, CKD, COPD, etc.


Glycation is the process of excess glucose coming into contact with the skin fibers. This triggers an internal reaction in which the sugar particles stick to collagen and elastin proteins, the two proteins responsible for keeping the skin firm and supple. When sugar particles adhere to these proteins, it leads to discoloration, making the skin weak and losing its elasticity. This glycation process usually begins at about the age of 20 and gradually intensifies. So, while it is a natural process, high sugar diets accelerate glycation, causing more AGEs to form in the skin. This is why our skin tends to “wrinkle” and needs extra help to continue looking youthful. There is a trend for face lifts and other plastic surgery procedures to look younger.


Dynamic DNA methylation strongly correlates with age and age-related outcomes throughout the human lifetime. The methylation process helps restore DNA, regulates hormones, builds energy, guards against cancer, aids detoxification, supports the immune system and the protective coating along your nerves, strengthens the nervous system, etc. Any chronic inflammation process influences methylation because the immune system, which is heavily involved in combating inflammation, gorges itself on methyl groups, leaving nothing for other tissues of the body. Low methylation is reflected in the increasing homocysteine levels found in chronic inflammatory processes such as lupus, heart disease, and diabetes. Increased intake of methylators reduces the risk of these diseases.

How can aging be controlled?


Proper nutrition is at the core of reversing the process of aging. A well-nourished and hydrated body cannot only fight diseases and infections better, provide better immunity, and make the body less susceptible to severe health challenges, but also make sure that the body looks and feels good from the outside. A good diet ensures that the skin remains glowing, firm, beautiful, and wrinkle-free even with age. A balanced and hormonally correct diet contains 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates, 20% fat, and vitamins and minerals. Drinking plenty of filtered, mineralized, and magnetized water is an integral part of a good diet. A well-balanced diet will help you stay fit, young and increase longevity.


Supplements that make up for the nutrition that your diet cannot provide are another way to keep your health in place. Supplements include various antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Some common examples are Vitamin A, C, E, mineral selenium, glutathione, superoxide dismutase, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Carnosine. Including these in your lifestyle can give you that extra boost of vitality that your body needs to stay young and healthy.


Not exercising has the equivalent impact on your health as smoking one and one-half packs of cigarettes a day. Exercise is the closest thing we have to an anti-aging pill. Regular physical activity has been a way of life for every person who has reached the age of 100 years in sound condition. Exercise is medicine: it is the best way to keep your body active, get your muscles moving, and stay healthy. One does not need to exercise extensively every day. Two easy workouts days where you stretch, swim, or cycle is the best way to keep your exercise routine in place. Yoga is one of the best ways out.

Balancing hormones

As a person ages, they experience deficiency in multiple hormones like growth hormone, testosterone, melatonin, parathyroid etc. At Integrative Therapeutics, most clients get comprehensive blood work to review their hormonal status. Based on the reports, a plan is prepared to use bio-identical hormones and/or peptides to minimize the effects of aging and improve the overall quality of life. This is an effective treatment to reverse the effects of aging at the root cause.

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