Energy Healing/Mastery


What is Energy healing and mastery?

In such a fast-paced environment, everyone is stressed about balancing work and life commitments; all of us need something to stay connected with our vital inner force, helping us overcome our everyday lives' physical, emotional, and mental vulnerabilities.

The vibrations and sensations happening at the microscopic level in your body may appear tiny, but they have an enormous effect on your mental and physical health.

To put it simply, energy healing is a form of subtle body-healing complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

No matter what you call it: energy healing, know-how medicine, or vibrational medicine, the basic principle remains permeating our body by an energy field or life force that affects our physical and emotional well-being.

Prana in Ayurveda or qi in traditional Chinese, this energy field enables us to find balance and healing amid chaos and disorder.

Energy healing works towards restoring the vital energy balance that is stuck or not flowing correctly.

According to a recent study, the percentage of individuals who use complementary therapies has increased at a rate of 13% in a brief time of five years. The explanation may lie that more and more professionals realize the effects stress has on their well-being.

The study also concluded that energy healing has come to the forefront like never before.

How do Energy healing and mastery work?

Energy healing modalities work by connecting people to their inner source of serenity and power.
At Integrative Therapeutics, Dr. K and his team work non-physically with the body's energy.
There is a multitude of modalities that utilize energy healing to calm the body and mind, such as:

Chakra Balancing

This energy healing modality focuses on balancing the seven main chakras or energy centers and the other lesser-known ones.

A mix of different techniques, namely crystals and breathing, is used to address the depletion of energy flow or too much energetic activity in a chakra that may otherwise lead to physical and emotional imbalance.

The Six Perfections: Six Paramitas

This system of paramitas helps in dealing with the most vicious mental hurdles– anger, greed, jealousy, laziness, and so on – the six attitudes work together, enabling you to unwind old traumas, and fix mental challenges that are at the root of physical and emotional issues.

At integrative therapeutics, Dr. Prudhvi uses these ancient, time-tested techniques and extraordinary mastery of those intangible energies that make us whole.

What all happens during the session?

The sessions usually begin with an introduction to energy healing and its implications. The practitioner will discuss your feelings and expectations for the session. It's absolutely fine to feel a little overwhelmed and stressed, but the whole process gradually unfolds itself.

Energy healing modalities work by taking you away from the constant dilemmas and what-ifs of daily life. Despite it being a no-touch healing session, people feel deeply relaxed going into extreme serenity to connect with their true inner self. It seems like a peaceful and refreshing nap for many, clearing their mind of all distractions and complexities.

At the end of the session, the discussion enables users to realign their minds and body towards maintaining the healing.

What are the conditions that have healed through Energy healing

Wayne B. Jonas and Cindy C. Crawford reviewed more than 2200 published reports, concluding based on evidence that the mind can influence matter and that mental intention is a component of healing practices.

Energy healing therapies are gaining prominence in alternative medicine by demonstrating wonderful results in treating severe health disorders.

A 2013 review noted energy healing therapies, the system of Paramitas demonstrated efficacy for symptoms commonly associated with cancer, including:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Quality of life
  • Health function

A 2014 review of randomized trials showed how Reiki therapy might help in reducing pain and anxiety.

According to results from a 2011 study, in which participants had six 30-minute sessions for 2 to 8 weeks, people who had energy healing felt more significant mood benefits compared with people who didn't have the treatment at all.

A pilot 2015 study of the National Institutes of Health found that people being treated for cancer who received 30-minute sessions of distant healing for five days, along with regular medical care, experienced relaxation from pain, anxiety, and fatigue. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to schedule an energy healing session for yourself.

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