5 Benefits of Ketamine Therapy For Depression

January 18th, 2023

If you could get a mental reset that could take your state of mind in a more positive direction, you would want to explore it. That is what Ketamine Therapy is all about. It gives your mind the relief it needs. With this blog, we want to highlight the benefits of ketamine therapy for depression and the way Integrative Therapeutics can help you leverage it. 

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy for Depression

The story of Ketamine began back in 1970 when the FDA approved it for use as a general anesthetic. 50 years later, it is still one of the safest anesthetics with minimal effects on the heart and respiratory system. It is used by hospitals worldwide for children and adults every day. 

Although Ketamine started its journey as an anesthetic, it has evolved today to treat psychiatric conditions. The American Psychiatric Association has confirmed that Ketamine is a rapid and robust antidepressant, based on dozens of clinical trials. 

Here are the 5 main benefits of ketamine therapy for depression:

1. Improve mood and create healthier thoughts.

Our brain dictates our moods and thoughts; we are all aware of that. What may not be known is the how. Our brain has the ability to change its neural networks through growth and reorganization, known as neuroplasticity. When this ability is impaired, depressive symptoms start showing.  

Ketamine helps in overcoming the inabilities of the nervous system. The drug releases growth factors that create new connections in the brain, improving our mood and creating healthier thought patterns. 

2. Get back in touch with lost feelings.

One aspect of experiencing depressive symptoms is the inability to connect with yourself and your feelings. Happiness, peace, and contentment are emotions that you may not feel, and Ketamine Therapy helps you get back what you lost. 

Ketamine is often known as a psychedelic drug causing hallucinations, especially when taken recreationally without a physician's direction. However, it doesn’t always produce unusually strong experiences. 

A controlled dose over a period of time can alter the patient’s mental state and attitude toward betterment. Patients have experienced strong bouts of introspection, with distanced feelings emerging back to the surface. Indeed, each person reacts differently to Ketamines for depression, but most have been able to find lost connections.

3. Alleviate chronic pain with a reboot.

Ketamine treatment for depression is widely known, but it also treats chronic pain. You won’t need narcotic painkillers if you are on ketamine therapy. Problems like increased drug tolerance and other complications from long-term narcotics use do not happen with ketamine. This is because it essentially reboots your brain. 

Ketamine Therapy blocks the nerve receptors from sending pain signals to the brain and spinal cord. Its intervention eliminates pain by creating a barrier between the pain signals and the brain, which is something traditional medicine cannot accomplish. You could have chronic pain or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and Ketamine will give you the relief you need.

4. Get relief in days instead of months. 

Unlike other antidepressants and psychotherapy treatments, you will be able to see subtle improvements quite early with Ketamine Therapy. Its rapid effectiveness is probably the biggest of Ketamines. It can provide relief in a matter of days.

By the third infusion, which is often at the one-week mark, you will have noticeably overcome most of your symptoms. And the therapy will only continue to provide you with more relief.

5. Expect the relief to last a long time.

The benefits of Ketamine Therapy for depression are as long term as they are rapid. The reprieve you will get from your symptoms won't go away once the therapy is done. A three-week treatment will give you respite from your ailment for as many as three months or longer. 

Following the post-treatment care plan is still important to experience lasting relief. Our doctors work with you to create a plan based on your condition and lifestyle. That is why ketamine has proven highly effective for most patients who have tried them.

Experience the Benefits of Ketamine Therapy For Depression at Integrative Therapeutics.

Your Ketamine Therapy will take place at the Integrative Therapeutics office at 8320 Stone Run Court, Tampa. We understand the individuality of each of our patients and create a Ketamine Therapy program specifically for them

  • We start by taking you through the program and its workings.
  • Based on your condition and overall medical evaluation, we will ascertain your correct dosage.
  • Our team stays in constant touch to be apprised of your progress. 

We don’t stop once the therapy is done. We want you to always be at your best, which is why we offer other programs to help you continue your optimistic attitude. You can contact us to learn about our services and treatment plans.