5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mental Health

December 22nd, 2022

The year is coming to an end. The festivities are on. A new beginning is around the corner. We are giddy with excitement. But we are also introspecting. The times that have passed, the moments that are lost, the year that has gone. This unintentional introspection can sometimes affect our mental health. 

Anxiety and stress are pretty common during the holidays. You will be busier than usual. You might not get the time for yourself. And your mental well-being can take the hit. At Integrative Therapeutics, we understand that life can sometimes overpower us to the point of no reprieve. That's why we have compiled a list of five tips that will help you prioritize and improve your mental health.

  • You are YOU, imperfectly perfect. 

Do you know who your harshest critic is? It's you, yourself. You'll judge your mistakes more critically than anyone else. It's okay to be hard on yourself sometimes, but it becomes unfair to not accept that you can have flaws. 

We are human. All of us are bound to make mistakes, we will sometimes struggle, and we will experience failure; that's how life is. Being perfect is impossible for each of us. What we can do is embrace our imperfections, and that will mark the first step toward improving our mental health.

An hour of meditation can help you with that. With meditation, you accept and fall in love with who you are right now instead of altering who you are. Join our Meditation Program to kickstart your journey. 

  • It is ok to have bad days. It is ok to take a step back. 

Bad days are experienced by everyone too. Our stress levels peak. We may not want to get out of bed. Concentration becomes a big ask. 

On such days, we must remember that it’ll be okay. What you need to do is press pause. Take a step back. Give yourself the time needed to compose yourself before trying to get up. There is no hurry. Tomorrow will always be there, and you will have the chance to start over. 

In the present, you need to focus on finding your light. 

  • Try getting out of bed and taking a shower. 
  • Put on your nice clothes, if you are up for it.
  • Watch your favorite show. 
  • Try to stay off your phone. 
  • Go for a walk.
  • Cry if you need to.

Do anything you like to pick yourself back up and restart with new vigor. 

We recommend energy healing to help you find balance and healing amid chaos and disorder. Prana in Ayurveda or qi in traditional Chinese, this energy field works towards restoring the vital energy balance that is stuck or not flowing correctly. For more information on energy healing, visit our website.

  • Routine is good. Monotony is not. Break the pattern. 

Routine gives us control; we know what to expect and what needs to be delivered. However, a routine can also make life seem mundane. Doing the same thing over and over will somewhere affect our productivity, creativity, and state of mind.

We understand that you are working adults and can't deviate from your daily work responsibilities. But you can still switch things up. 

  • Go for a weekend getaway once a month. 
  • Work from your community park once in a while instead of being cramped up in your office. Change up your running path. 
  • Revamp your home a little.
  • Acquire a new hobby; we hear painting can be cathartic, and so can yoga. 

Integrative Therapeutics provides you with a personal yoga therapist to empower and motivate you to progress toward improved health and well-being. By performing an initial assessment, we design a program pertinent to your health problem, lifestyle, physical capabilities, and reasons for seeking the therapy.

A simple change in the routine doesn't require much effort, but it does make a lot of impact. 

  • Focus on your relationships. Build stronger connections.

Our social relationships have a positive influence on our mental health. The connections and friendships you build will add value to your life. They'll not make you feel lonely and provide the emotional support you didn't know you needed. We are, after all, social creatures. 

  • Call your parents during the lunch break you get every day. 
  • Invite your friends for dinner once a month; it'll also give you an opportunity to show off your cooking. 
  • Greet your neighbors every time you see them. 
  • Share relatable memes on social media. 
  • Keep in touch with people you know.

You will need people you can count on. And they cannot just be your family and friends. Your neighbors, colleagues, and local business owners are all a part of your community. Meeting and connecting with them will keep you active. 

  • Struggle is normal. It takes bravery to ask for help. 

Accepting that we are struggling and asking for help is often hard, but seeking support is courageous. 

When the negative emotions start piling up, try confiding in someone. It could be your friend, family, or a professional. Sharing your concerns will help you process your feelings better and will also reduce some of the burdens you're carrying. 

Opening yourself up to someone will also make you develop a bond between yourself and the other person. If he has gone through something similar, it will help you see your situation differently and enhance your scope of dealing with it. 


If you are concerned about your mental health and need support to overcome the stress in your life, we are here for you. Integrative Therapeutics focuses on your holistic well-being, and your mental health and relaxation are important parts of it. Our fitness approach includes those activities that enable your mental fitness. 

  • Training your mind to become more attentive and enhance self-awareness becomes easy with our Meditation Program. We help you create and begin your meditation journey through continuous guidance every step of the way.
  • Focusing on the holistic functioning of the mind, body, and soul, we provide Yoga Therapy to help you strengthen and become calmer. 
  • By restoring your vital energy balance through our Energy Healing and Mastery, you will become more connected with your inner source of serenity and power.

We aim to make our people more comfortable and accepting of who they are. Once you can do that, you empower yourself to overcome many of your health problems.