Importance of Holistic Wellness in the Post-Pandemic Era

June 3rd, 2022

Covid-19 changed how we understand, interact and integrate with our bodies. Perhaps, we could not have prevented the pandemic, but we could have reduced the effects of the virus on humans with a more holistic approach to health. Not only during the pandemic, but even today, most people are still experiencing the aftermath of the virus: physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Those by most who came into contact with the virus had to deal with health impacts, including breathing problems, digestive issues, lower immunity, fatigue, body pains, etc. The tremors, unfortunately, were felt by all: everyone went through phases of extreme worry, loneliness, depression, and anxiety for their well-being and those of their loved ones. 

The virus got the best of people, especially those who suffered from co-morbidities like heart complications, blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. 

The situation may be finally getting better, but in no way means things are better. The post-pandemic side effects have made it more difficult to relax than ever. In such a scenario, it is of utmost importance to take care of our minds and bodies and be better prepared to deal with any challenges that may come our way. 

What is holistic wellness, and why is it the need of the hour? 

Holistic wellness is critical in ensuring that you live a happy and healthy life by fostering spiritual and emotional introspection while fighting illness and disease. Achieving holistic health is also associated with responsibility, self-regulation, and responsible decision-making.

It is now more important than ever to adopt a holistic approach to health and take care of ourselves. From nourishing the body with the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, maintaining an active lifestyle to taking care of the mind. Functional integrated therapeutic services can help you adopt a holistic approach to health and life and support you in key areas: 

How we can help. 

On the physical plane, providing your body with adequate nutrition and eating a well-balanced diet with the right vitamins and minerals is the first step toward holistic development. Regular workouts and maintaining an active lifestyle are the next. We prepare elaborate nutritional charts customized to suit your body's needs and requirements. We also offer infrared saunas, weight loss programs, and anti-aging medicine to help you heal your body and mind. 

On the mental plane, yoga and meditation are two highly effective practices we offer to improve overall mental health and positively impact life. Clubbing them with physical activities like consistent workouts, heavy metal detoxification, adequate nutrition intake, and infrared sauna relaxation sessions is your key to achieving holistic health. 

On the spiritual and emotional plane: Meditation, Chakra, and Energy healing are the three most effective ways that we adopt and provide to achieve holistic development. Our doctors create personalized plans for the patients that incorporate nutrition, lifestyle alterations, supplements, and advanced diagnostic testing to diagnose and treat any condition at its very root cause with the help of functional medicine. 

Want to discover a one-stop solution to holistic wellness? Integrative Therapeutics is your answer!