Understanding Wellness and Finding Balance in All Its Different Facets

September 14th, 2022

Be the best version of yourself. 

This is a quote we have all heard. And this is also a quote that has resonated with all of us at some point. In the chase of outperforming the competition and being the best out of everyone, we sometimes forget ourselves. We forget to prioritize our needs and being the optimal version of ourselves instead of just being a benchmark for everyone else. 

This is when our own wellness becomes important. The perpetual process of striving towards a transformation that would bring out the best in you. A profound sense of self-awareness and engagement with everything that surrounds and controls your life. Wellness is physical, mental, emotional, and so much beyond that. Experiencing life with the utmost joy and satisfaction is the true epitome of wellness. 

A simple act of getting 8 hours of regular sleep and another hour of the elusive morning run can actually have a monumental impact on your wellness. It’s making small changes to improve your life and continuing to make them throughout your life. That’s why wellness is a perpetual process.

The best part of wellness is that it’s a concept that follows no rules, no standards, no benchmarks. Unlike physical health, which is often measured in units and numbers, a person’s wellness is his own. Much like each human being is different, each person’s state of perfect well-being can be different. The key here is to find balance in all of the different facets that make up our lives. 

Now, the question is, how do you find the balance? The answer to that lies with you and only you. However, we can guide you as to where you can find it. 

In Emotional Acceptance

We experience a lot of feelings and emotions on a daily basis, and acknowledging them as a normal part of your lives is key for your emotional wellness. Self-acceptance is the other key. Knowing and accepting the fact that you are not perfect and no one is, even if they seem to be, goes a long way in boosting your self-esteem. 

You will start valuing yourself and others when you are not chasing perfection. You will not see your failures as obstacles but rather as the means for growth. This would also enable you to overcome your negative reflexes. The domino effect the negative responses has over other aspects of your wellness would cease to exist. You’ll be in control of your actions. Because of that, you would know exactly when you need help and seek it without hesitation. 

This is where meditation comes into the picture. Following on the law of attraction, positive thoughts attracting positive outcomes and negative thoughts attracting negative ones, regular meditation helps in decluttering any and all intrusive thoughts that are disrupting your emotional balanace. Our medidation program will help you in that. You would not only be able to incorporate meditation into your daily routine, but also know the ways to meditate thats uit you. 

In Spiritual Search 

By spiritually, we mean finding your purpose as opposed to being religious. Recognizing and understanding the things that affect you, your mental and physical state, is how you begin your spiritual conquest for holistic wellness.

Things that are important to you;

Things that motivate you;

Things that are meaningful in your life; 

Things that are indispensable;

Knowing all of these and being at peace with the fact that your is finite is how you attain spiritual wellness.

Regular and continued yoga practice can help you become more connected to yourself and your surroundings. You would get the opportunity to be constantly in sync with your emotions and feeling and translate them into a positive approach to life. Our Yoga Therapy focuses on the holistic functioning of the mind, body and soul to give you the spiritual balance you deserve.

In Intellectual Curiosity 

Being curious about your surroundings is the best way to learn, and that’s how your growth trajectory would incline. You could be 15, you could be 25, or you could be 85; there is no age for satisfying your intellectual curiosity. The moment you stop that when trouble starts brewing. 

The human body is a well-oiled machine, and the human brain is what oils it. So, when you appease the brain with the growth mindset, you automatically start moving towards cognitive wellness. You won’t just be doing good for your mind and body, but you will also be able to keep up with the changing times. 

In Physical Zeal 

A curious mind needs an equally energized body. We don’t have to tell you the importance of keeping your body physically fit. You know that already. 

What we can tell is that there is no rule of thumb for achieving optimal physical wellness. What may work for you may not be ideal for your friend. Dairy is the perfect example here. 

When trying to achieve physical wellness, always remember that the dos are as important as the don’ts. If you exercise regularly, you have to refrain from over-consumption of alcohol. If you eat a nutritional diet, you can’t live a sedentary life. Finding the right balance that works for you makes maintaining your physical zeal less of a chore.

At Integrative Therapeutics, we promote physical balance as part of your holistic health and not juts a standalone area. 

  • Instead of traditional medicine, we encourage the adoption of functional medicine model of care. As a patient-centered approach to chronic disease managemnet, functional medicine encompasses nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural interventions to bring positive changes in your health. 
  • We believe in functional weight loss that incorporates a combination of well-balanced nutrition, physical exercise, stress alleviation, and sleep therapies. By finding the fundamental imbalances is how we begin your weight loss journey.
  • Infrared sauna is also a great way to achieve physical balance. With infrared lamps providing you warmth through electromagnetic radiation, you will experience a sense of relaxation at a much lower temperature. From detoxification and weight loss to clear skin and better circulation, the benefits of infrared sauna are many.

In Occupational Enrichment 

The profession you are in and getting the satisfaction you get from doing what you do is how you achieve occupational wellness. Growing professionally and taking your career seriously is great, but losing your personal and social wellness because of it is not. 

You have to find a balance between your professional and personal life. Work hard to improve your skills and grow, but also take time to make your co-workers your friends. Strive for work excellence and give your best to your family.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. The fast-paced environment we live in is a constant juggle of work and life commitments. The need to stay connected with your vital inner force is crucial. Only then will you be able overcome the vulnerabilities associated with your professional and personal life.

Fortunately for you, Energy Healing can help. It works towards restoring the balance that is stuck or not flowing correctly. Its modalities take you away from the constant dilemmas and what-ifs of daily life, thus, clearing your mind of distractions and complexities.

In Social Presence

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it's that living in isolation is something humans aren’t meant to do. By our very nature, we are social. And being a part of a social community or group invigorates us to do better. 

The support and guidance we get from our groups often help us achieve milestones we never thought possible. It could be our family, colleagues, a sports club, or our batchmates, the feeling of togetherness will always be the same. The difference you make in the world as a community will always weigh more than as an individual. 

You’d be surprised to know that rectification of social and behavioral difficulties can help you achieve a more streamlined weight loss approach. The social aspects of your life affect all the other areas of your health and wellness. 

So, step out of your comfort zone and start building relationships. Shower the world with empathy. It really needs it, and so do you.


Remember that the path to a fulfilling life passes through your wellness circle. The better it is, the more profound life experiences you will have. At Integrative Therapeutics, we support you in all the key areas of health and wellness to help you improve the quality of your life, enhance your self-worth along with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Contact us for a free consultation.